Does Pentax have to build a FF body?

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Re: character beyong technical DOF

Tan68 wrote:

Chris Mak wrote:


I think what you are describing is a matter of focal length and lens design, little to do with sensor size apart from how this size influences lens design. ...

... although that may add to the separation as such from subjects/ backgrounds, it does not really explain the overall more natural blending in FF images.

I think lenses would have to be the same to compare..

At the end of the post, seems FF does offer you eye a different look that may be independent of lens.. I suspect it might. I think this feeling you have for the images is more important than shallow DOF by formula.

Thanks for the reply
Maybe some day I can put the same lens on both APS-C and FF, set for equivalence, and see what happens in the background :^)

Well, lenses are of course also a part of the FF platform, and can be designed differently from Apsc lenses in the sense that they are allowed to cover a larger rear image circle. That may very well mean less stress on the lens design, resulting in the more relaxed rendering. Many people, including myself, use FF lenses on Apsc, but they never get to see the more relaxed rendering and blending of the lenses on the Apsc body, because so many of the actual image is cropped away, forcing a different use of these FF lenses. So any kind of comparison would have to be between a generic Apsc lens, and an exact generic FF counterpart.

I have no need for such a comparison myself though, the difference has become apparent enough to me after 8 years of use of digital in 2x crop, 1,5 times crop and now also FF. Another thing to add though, is the superb recent possibilities of increasing FF eq. resolution to that of my favorite Apsc sensor: 16mp. With the same characteristics of the K5(IIs) sensor regarding shadow tonality and dynamic range, it is now (since the D800e) possible to have AA filterless 36mp. Overkill perhaps many will say, but A3+ fine art prints already show the difference quite well, and even for average use, color rendering and detail benefit a lot from 36mp, also after downsampling.


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