Nikon Coolscan scanner Ghosting

Started Aug 30, 2014 | Questions thread
OP Doss Senior Member • Posts: 2,080
Internal Front plate?

Samuel Dilworth wrote:

Doss wrote:

It is definitely 100% NOT the usual suspect: ie a misplaced/dirty mirror

Why do you say that?

To stop anyone before they suggest it is the reason

I ask because it looks very much like the dusty mirror these scanners suffer from unless kept fastidiously clean. I store mine lying on its side in a plastic bin bag (which statically attracts dust) and furthermore scan with it on its side when possible. This reduces the amount of dust falling onto the mirror.

With due respect, I know it's easy to assume I'm wrong (considering some of the bullwhip you read from self-proclaimed savvy folk on here ). But honestly,  I am technically minded enough to know how to take apart something like this to clean/inspect (and when to draw the line and let someone else service it)

I'm still hoping someone who has done likewise with their Coolscan V can confirm the absence of the internal front plate as normal.

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