What new from Sony E-mount around Photokina?

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Re: Dan: it was a beautiful Freudian slip

jpr2 wrote:

audiobomber wrote:

exiting: Departing or leaving, as in "exiting a building"

exciting: producing excitement, stirring, thrilling


and the "exiting camera" is much more revealing:

  • for many users the whole "video" thingy on the primarily still cameras is just a big, big nuisance;
  • e.g. this is the very I-st thing I'm always disabling and switching off upon every new [still] camera purchase;
  • which is alas sometimes not possible, like it was the infamous case with the Nex-7, and to some extent it still is, even after several FW upgrades ).

And besides being a PITA, the video option also adds to the bulk, heft, and of course increases the final price


I agree with this. I always slightly resent the part of my purchase price that goes towards the video features which I never use but it seems to be just the way it is and we can like it or we can lump it.

Does anyone these days make a good prosumer level camera that doesn't shoot video?

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