An overwhelming reason to move back to Film...

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Re: An overwhelming reason to move back to Film...

I think that you should use whatever feeds your muse, whether it's a 4x5 Linhof shooting transparency film, a smartphone, a DSLR, whatever.  There's no right answer.

If you are a film shooter, or a young digital shooter who actually never used film, I think it's unfortunate that your choices of film and developing and printing are shrinking so rapidly.  If we could have a choice between today's digital and the world of film choices we had 20 years ago, we would really be living in a Golden Age.

I'm old enough to miss Ektachrome and Kodachrome and Plus-X, Agfachrome, and so on.  For now we can still do our own black and white, which is still fun.  As a 'one-hour lab' guy for quite a while, I can tell you I do NOT miss the tight tolerances and completely-in-the-dark regimen required by C41 processing, and to me, it was so tedious a process, I think it primed people to take the first alternative that came along:  Digital.   Anybody that had a decent home computer and printer suddenly owned a darkroom !

I do miss not being able to buy a home E6 kit for transparencies, and still shoot the occasional roll of VELVIA for old times' sake.

The world is change, and the world has changed.  Technology moves on.  Film was what we had, so we made the most of it.  Now the world is digital and we are learning our way into it, just as we did with film in those days.

You can argue steam or diesel locomotives, props or jets, LP's or downloads, it's just endless.  But for me the only thing that's important is what suits me to express myself as best I can.  In this medium, if film suits you, go for it.  If digital is all you want, have a ball.

Right now, there's some wet plate guy shaking his head at all of this, thinking we're all just full of it !

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