I can't seems to decide which camera is right for me

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I can't seems to decide which camera is right for me

Hi All,

I want to by a new camera and I can't seems to decide what's right for me...

I'm a Minolta 7D owner and I love it.

In addition I have a small pocket, Panasonic TS-3 with an underwater housing and filter.

The TS-3 is very light weight and affordable. We (wife and me) carry it around a lot. The thing is that it's produced quality is no different than a good smartphone these days. It just adds the ability to shoot in the water.

The Minolta on the other hand....is amazing. It's like an Alfa Romeo Spider from the 60's. It's a classic you can't go wrong with.
It's color reproduction is unbelievable! I haven't seen many DSLR's which comes closer to that level.
In addition it's feel in the hand during the photo shoot is amazing. Raw metal, not plastic, perfectly balanced, 2 control wheels near the shoot button, strong (relative to it's class) pop-up flash. Amazing light measuring(!!).
BUT, it's auto-focus is slow, light sensitivity is not great compared to modern cameras, it's large and heavy (~1KG for body only). Thus, the wife don't use it, only me, which means it's an extra load in trips (we're carrying the equipment for 2 lovely young girls, so every KG counts), no video at all.
I need an advice what to buy, I mean what class of cameras (If you have a specific recommendation for a model i'll be happy as well). I would love for a good quality camera, good build, good controls, quality is important, price should be reasonable (preferably no more than 1000$ for the body).
What should I buy, a DSLR? Mirrorless? are they any good as the DSLR's? how's the feel to shoot with one, is it a professional sturdy grip? or is it flimsy and uncomfortable, like holding a pocket camera? what about shooting without an optical viewfinder?
I was thinking to test the new sony a5100 or a6000 (mainly due to their new hybrid auto-focus)? are they solid choices for mirrorless?
Is the quality of mirrorless good? or r they (to your opinion) a shiny toy which doesn't live up to the expectations.
I'm really confused, on the one hand I love the DSLR shooting experience, and have confidence in it's quality (when the right model chosen of course...) but the size and weight are a problem, also the price.....
On the other hand, the mirrorless are small and light weight, but how does it feel to hold one? is the product quality any good??
2 things i'm pretty sure of right now:
1. I'll buy an APS-C and not FF (budget....)
2. Initially I though of an enthusiastic point and shoot (sony RX100, Canon G15,etc..) due to the advantages the TS3 have in our life,  but they seems like not a smart choice budget wise compared to mirrorless, since they are quite expensive relative to point and shoot.

I'm really confused, I need your advise.....


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