How hard is it to scratch a lens?

Started Sep 1, 2014 | Questions thread
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Bright or dull?

brightcolours wrote:

You can't scrub away the coatings, they are metals vaporized and backed onto the glass. One can polish them off with abrasive enough compounds, of course.

What, an abrasive enough compound such as dust?

They are just not delicate. Sorry to contradict you. With dust you can't rub them off even if you wanted to. Maybe they used particularly abrasive "cloth" material, else you just can't even put a beginning of a scratch on the coatings.

If you think cloth is more abrasive than dust and dust is less abrasive than metal flourides & aluminium then I respectfully recommend you read a few science books before arguing science.

Hotdog123 is not just expressing their opinion/experience, but fact based on Atomic Law.

If you wish to continue contradicting then I've got a really well-used 24mm lens you may be interested in buying. No scratches at all on the glass, and you can blissfully deny the multitude of striations on the front element

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