A6000 vs A7 in Crop Mode - Which is better for low light?

Started Sep 2, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Tonkotsu Ramen
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A6000 vs A7 in Crop Mode - Which is better for low light?

Hey everyone,

I want to replace my current camera, the A5000, and would like something with better low light capabitilies. I was initially considering the A77II, but i'm transitioning away from A mount since sony isn't making any new mid end bodies.

So looking at E mount, the two bodies i'm looking at are the A6000 and the A7. My main priority is low light performance. On my A5000, ISO 6400 just looks horrible, which 3200 is quite acceptable, and I want something that is hopefully a clear upgrade in high ISO.

For FE, the zoom lenses (other than kit) are prohibitively expensive, and the primes cost more than the A6000. Because of that, I will be using crop mode until more lenses show up, if i get the A7. I do not mind 10mp at all, and would rather have noticeably better low light capabilities. If i undersatnd correctly, using the A7 in crop mode should allow me to use relatively clean iso 6400 in many situations where the A5000 would turn details into mush.

I also enjoy the handling of the A7 (grip, dials, knobs, etc) vs the A6000.

Lenses I'm going to be using are:

E-Mount: SEL24F18Z, SEL1018

A-Mount (via the LA-EA2): SAL35F18, SAL1650

and will invest in 1 additional prime after I buy the body. So if I got the A6000, i'd get the SEL35F18, if I got the A7, I'd save up for a SEL55F18Z, but still use my handful of APS-C lenses quite often. I'm tired of buying/selling gear and would like to make a "final purchase" that will last me for a few years. With my move to E mount, I will eventually get rid of the SAL35F18, but keep the SAL1650 since there isn't anything comparable in E mount yet (f/2.8 zoom).

If anyone has experiences with both, it would be great. Thank You!

Sony a5000 Sony a6000 Sony Alpha a7
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