Need equipment for panorama shots of rocks cuts

Started Sep 2, 2014 | Questions thread
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Need equipment for panorama shots of rocks cuts

I need to buy a camera for my very specific needs

It will only be used to take photos of rock cuts, and it's essential that it has a good support for panoramic photos. Here is an example:

Currently, I take several photos with a rotating movement, and stich them together. But the result is obviously that the middle of the picture is bigger and more detailed, while the edges are smaller and less detailed.

Instead I want a camera with panorama support where I can just start on one side, and walk sideways and take a photo every x meters (with tripod), and it will automatically compose an accurate panorama.

Also, it's fairly important (but not essential) that the end result is as real/undistorted as possible - so that it can be used for meassuring. For instance, if I mark 1 meter on the rock, I can use that as scale anywhere on the photo (unlike wide angel shots, where 1 meter meassured in the middle would be way less in the edges).

It would be a bonus if the camera can automatically highlight certain colors (spray marks on the rock), or increase contrast without the need for editing software.

So does anyone know any suggestions on cameras or lenses that would be suitable for these kind of photos?

Edit: Shouldn't be too expensive... Max $800 including lense. Photo quality/details aren't really that important...

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