Need some professional advice regarding this camera-

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Need some professional advice regarding this camera-

A little under a week ago, my family and I took a trip to the beach. After being there for around an hour, I came across a lonesome camera sitting on a boulder. I looked around for someone who would own the camera. I searched through some of the photos to see if I could get a date, phone number, license plate or any sort of information that could lead to finding it's owner. I've also contacted the state park to see if anyone has called in for losing it. The only piece of information I could find was a video, and you could hear the owners voice briefly, which had an accent suggesting he was form another country. I also took a look at the time set on the camera and it was in a completely different time zone. We waited for hours, and even went around asking people if the camera belonged to them. Knowing it was going to rain that night I decided to take the camera in. It was either that or let it sit out. At least by taking it the camera would survive.

It's a Canon PowerShot G15. A bridge camera from what I've gathered. I've still had no luck finding it's owner. I've ran out of options as far as finding him go. So I'm keeping it unless I get more information.

But my point is, I've actually been wanting to get into photography for quite some time. And from using the camera I can say that to me anyways, the image quality appears beyond decent. Knowing that it's probably impossible to find the owner of this camera, I could sell this camera, and get a DSLR, since I already have some money saved up to go along with it.

But do I really need to? My parents currently own a DSLR, and the picture quality seems poor compared to what I've been able to take with the Canon. My girlfriends mom has a Canon Rebel XS, and it even seems to have lesser quality, especially with macro.

Here are some examples I took:

My question is, can I use this camera professionally? I'm a fast learner and I'm sure if I have a lower quality camera I will quickly exceed it's features. I'd like to start out with something for professional, or even close to it.

Should I buy a DSLR, or keep it?



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