Volcanic Flowers

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Laurence Matson
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Volcanic Flowers

Inspired by my friend Halldor and his careful monitoring of the dramatic situation in his backyard, I decided to dig around in my own backyard for similar eruptions based on some fabulous beery science. And these were erupting right in front of my lens:


I guess these will not fit the bill for volcanic pixels despite the too true floral structure. And such eruptive pixels will not bring down any airplanes soon, so I did not contact the FAA. But they do bear careful, attentive watching for POTENTIAL eruptive problems from leaking micronic deep-spatial locations.

Also, I am aware of all the problems with this image: blown highlights (Sigma are working on that), grain (ISO 200 and all noise reduction turned off to help with the eruptions that did not happen), and too sharp for this camera (manual focus at f/9; sharpening: SPP, -0.7; USM 10%/40pixels and then 150%/0.2 pixels).

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