Metabones OM/mFT speed booster - I can now use my OM macro lenses again !

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Metabones OM/mFT speed booster - I can now use my OM macro lenses again !

My metabones OM-micro FT speedbooster has arrived. It was time to raid the cupboard to get out my old OM Zuiko lenses to see what they could now do on an E-M1 …..

While the speedbooster is basically the opposite of a teleconverter (reduces focal length by .7 AND increases maximum aperture of the lens – e.g. an old OM Zuiko 40 mm f/2 becomes a 28 mm f/1.4 – see other threads and/or other websites for more detail) it’s clearly better for some lenses than others. On my E-M1 with focus magnification (and focus peaking) even macro lenses focus easily.

Dogs don’t becomes stars .. my old 500m Makinon mirror and first generation 600 Zuiko are still dogs (nowhere near the quality of a 50-200 with 1.4 teleconverter). A few lenses simply don’t work or glass hits glass on focusing to infinity e.g. 21 f/2 (ouch - no prewarning of this so beware !)

So what’s it good for ?

1. Old fast Zuikos become interesting again primarily for their shallow depth of field (e.g. 40 f/2, 55 f/1.2, 24 f/2 lenses now become 28 f/1.4, 38 f/0.9ish and 17 f/1.4 respectively) even if when stopped down new generation lenses beat them hands down for overall usability.

2. Macros come into their own again. Basic OM-FT converters didn’t do them justice, but with the speedbooster the old Zuiko 20, 38, 80, 90 and 135mms have all regained a new lease of life.

I may post some samples on this thread in due course (not very soon, other priorities).
Has anyone found a good macro flash setup for the old Zuikos (or other manual lenses) on the E-M1 ?


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