MF Question - X-E1 + Samyang 12mm

Started Sep 1, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: MF Question - X-E1 + Samyang 12mm

StuartBell wrote:

Just bought the Samyang 12mm, and initial impressions very good. Am fully aware of the implications of a manual focus lens.

The manual suggests setting the focus switch to manual and selecting "shooting without lens" in the shooting menu.

If I don't do those things (a bit of a hassle when changing lenses each time), will there be any consequences other than my seeing the green focus box as assuring me falsely of good focus, and potentially wrong EXIF data?

In short, will it affect the actual image quality?


You won't be able to shoot at all without enabling "shooting without lens" - pressing the shutter button won't result in taking any shot.

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