Joining the Dark Side (Canon EOS-M)

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Richard Murdey
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Joining the Dark Side (Canon EOS-M)

Just over 18 months ago a bought a used Nikon 1 V1 kit with 10 mm lens. It cost $275. Yesterday (and several hundred dollars of Nikon 1 gear later)  I bought a "scratch and dent" Canon EOS-M kit with 22mm kit lens for $185.

As I write this, the Nikon V1 + 10 mm and the Canon EOS-M + 22 mm in good condition can be found for around $230-260. Stripped of any price differential, we can fairly ask which is the better camera. I was curious to find the answer for myself, so at a price I could not refuse I picked one up.

This is the first time I have bought a Canon camera. Ever.

My thoughts going into this:

- I love the look and feel of the EOS-M, at least with the 22mm pancake. It's a small body but the simplified interface means it doesn't become fiddly with lots of tiny buttons. Compared to the V1 (which on the whole I have grown fond of) it is sleeker, grippier, and even more tightly put together.

- Not having the kit zoom is no loss to me. A physical zoom ring doesn't match well with a camera which you must hold out away from your face to use. (Learnt that lesson when I had the Nikon 1 J1 and 10-30.) 35 mm eq. F2.0 of the STM 22 is the same as the Fuji X100. Nice FL for indoor use and travel. Sensor should support cropping to "standard" 50mm eq. in a pinch. Balances the camera nicely.

- Post firmware update, I wonder how bad this thing is going to perform vs. my V1? I am willing to compromise, but I will not tolerate "unusable". The touch screen is a bit of a concern. As long as metering and program lines are semi-intelligent I don't mind leaving the camera in program auto and getting on with it, so, like the V1, the absence of a true mode dial would not be especially vexing.

- Given its strengths and weaknesses vs. the V1, namely larger sensor but no viewfinder, I'm thinking this camera might find a reasonable use case as an evening "pocket" camera. For times where I'm still in casual mode (no dSLR), but the low LV means the CX sensor / slow lens combination of my V1 has ran out of headroom. Poor mans Coolpix A/Ricoh GR. Or, an even more evil comparison: the 35/2 of a Sony RX-1 for 1/10th the price.

- It could also be a pretty decent camcorder. Like the V1 it has a mic input jack, so I can use my ME-1 directly on the hot shoe.

- No loss to me if I just play around with it until November then flip it on ebay.

Will update with a hands on in a few days.

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