Geraldton Western Australia - DA12-24

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Geraldton Western Australia - DA12-24

...... A few more taken with the 12-24. A new found respect for this lens, noticeably not as sharp as the Sigma 17-50, but the ability to deal with bright days, blue skies, scenery, the sun, lens flare... all typical Pentax traits makes for a compelling piece of kit........ almost all is taken back (apart from the cost). I would say that what we know about these lenses is a well kept secret......... the 18-135, 12-24, 20-40 etc etc all seem to have these great qualities and what makes choosing them over Sigma's is not so much about absolute sharpness.

An unusual feature i'm getting at Low iso's a graininess, almost like noise which appears and can be removed with noise reduction. Almost like the imperfections on the glass being picked up?

This was again an impromptu overnight trip to a place 4 hours drive north of Perth. The cathedral, is a 1930's build, with an art deco? theme in original colours. There is a fund going for restoration, although it's still in pretty good condition.

The beach is just south of Geraldton, typical of most West Australian beaches.

The memorial is for the HMAS Sydney(WWII 6 inch gunned cruiser), which met with a disguised German merchant ship in WWII and the resting site only just rediscovered within the last few years.

All good examples of what can be achieved with the 12-24. Particularly the low light capabilities, even though only f4..... the 12mm means hand holding with SR at low shutter speeds makes it a sure bet. Also not being scared of high iso's any more, (I have my camera's set up to 12,800 max for those tricky situations)

HMAS Sydney memorial - loads of contrast and bright skies..... this is what makes Pentax lenses so good.

St Xavier Cathedral, Geraldton.

Light coming through the sky light was very cool...

Medi evil castle like....... beautiful light, would have loved a model for this......

12-24 handles these skies so well, to the point in some shots I have to reduce vibrance or saturation. Managed to get it sharpened up nicely.

Snapshot.......Stunning little harbor just south of Geraldton

On the way home, we experienced some nice light and some lovely bright green fields, unfortunately we were on a mission to get home and avoid the kangaroo's on the road. Also wished for a higher vantage point, but you get the idea.

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