2 more D810 images for critique

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Re: 2 more D810 images for critique

chuxter wrote:

Bene Placito wrote:

chuxter wrote:

Although, I didn't use LR 5.6 in my edit below, it is the future of PS. Get used to it!

I fear Adobe will make LR a rental only program in the near future like they have done with PhotoShop. Apart from that, I find it extremely frustrating to use.

You need training.

You learned to use a VERY complex program, called Photoshop. That means you are intelligent and old. I'm just old. Never was smart enough to figure out 10% of Photoshop. Couldn't even figure out why I would need 10% of what PS does!

Then Apple launched Aperture, followed soon by Lightroom. I tried LR and it was love at first sight. Yes, I struggled a bit; mostly with the Library Module where all the DAM stuff is. New software is like that.

You obviously didn't have a good first impression. One reason might be that you apparently came into the game late [Verson 5.6]. In contrast, I started w/ Version 1 and followed the development; I learned it in small pieces. You must crawl before you walk. You must walk before you run.

Adobe has some quite excellent training videos. They are free! Look up Juliette Kost; she must have hundreds of lessons! She is very good at explaining things. She does cover a LOT of gorund in each lesson and thus goes fast. I often have to pause and go back until I grasp each concept.

It turns out that LR is also quite complex, but it hides this complexity. You can use it successfully and never be aware of all the fancy things that it can do.

I too fear that Adobe is going totally rental in the Cloud. Keep your old copy of LR 5.6. Keep your old computers. Keep your old cameras. It's the end of the world as we know it!

Minor correction. It's Julieanne Kost, not Juliette, although Google should find it anyway and I agree with chuxter that she's excellent. Also, look up George Jardine's video training. I'm brand new to LR, due to the imminent demise of Aperture. I don't find it all that difficult to learn if you're willing to put forth some time and effort.

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