Is digital photography too easy?

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Re: Is digital photography too easy?

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I recently came across this Ansel Adams quote; -

Any thoughts?

I think it's too fast. Photographers now have machine guns, instead of muzzle loaders. Never mind the smartphones.

I bought a medium format film folder, that needs the shutter cocked for every shot, that needs the film wound for every shot, and the focus set for every shot, and a light meter reading for every shot. And now with my digitals it's slowed me down some, thinking about that. It might be enough if I keep on using it, or it might help.

If you truly value slowing down then you shouldn't to have to resort to tricks like using a film camera and separate light meter.

I really don't think using a film camera is a "trick" - I think it makes a person "think" or maybe some of us would prefer not to.

It does not make a person think more. That's an individual choice. A person could shoot through a roll of film as fast he can on a digital camera.

It does seem a great many photographers from our past used film, to great effect.

They didn't have a choice. Film was the only thing available.

I was speaking in general terms, as to one of the weaknesses of digital, not to a weakness of mine in particular..but perhaps that's beyond the understanding of some.

There is no "weakness" in digital compared to film.

Or perhaps my explanation of the relative merits of one system against the other wasn't sufficient. However I think the differences do exist.

Differences clearly exist but there is nothing about a digital camera that causes people to shoot faster and less carefully.

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