A6000 + 16-70 or set of Primes?

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A6000 + 16-70 or set of Primes?

I'm looking for some advise from those of you with experience with the various Sony/Zeiss lenses...

Quick background: I'm mainly a landscape photographer, searching for a lighter kit for traveling and long mountain treks, as an alternative to my normal setup which is a Sony A7R with Canon tilt/shift lenses. Since I often make large prints, resolution and edge-to-edge sharpness is important. But, size and weight is also a huge issue for me to consider.

Right now I've got an A6000 + Zeiss Touit 12mm + 16-70mm Sony/Zeiss. In theory this is an awesome setup for me, weighing in at just over 2 lbs. total. The 12mm is great, but unfortunately the 16-70mm seems to be defective, with no sharpness whatsoever on the right side of the frame at all apertures on the longer end. So I'm returning that one.

So, my question: Should I get a replacement 16-70mm and hope for a better copy? Or should I instead get a combo of primes? Here's what looks good to me so far:

Sony/Zeiss 24mm 1.8 + Sony 35mm 1.8 + Sigma 60mm 2.8

Here's the Pros/Cons as I see it:

16-70: Convenient zoom for travel shots, only two total lenses to deal with, less expense and weight. But will I find a sharp copy?

Set of Primes: Large apertures for night shots, likely sharper resolution(?). But, nothing too appealing for the 16mm range, and also not as convenient or as light as the zoom.

I'd certainly value your input and suggestions, especially from those who have hands on experience with these lenses; you know how it is with these choices... so hard to decide one way or the other.

Sony a6000
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