Too much image noise after processing? please critique.

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Re: Too much image noise after processing? please critique.

It is common to have CA on the edges of things, like wings or building edges or tree limbs and leaves. Some post-processing tools do a lot better job of cleaning that up than others. DxO does an excellent job of that, in my opinion. To be fair, I saw the CA on the wings more in one of your other shots.

Hey Bill, thanks for the dragon file BTW!  I hope you don't mind if display it, I'm kind of proud of the work you and I did on it.

The bokeh or defocused areas of leaves look over blurry and kind of like an animation to me, but maybe its just me. I like the way it looks, Im just not sure if it would be considered photographically normal if that makes sense.  But it looks awesome to me.  I want to get out of iPhoto and into PS but it intimidates me a bit.  Do you think its worth investing in the Adobe monthly plan if I already have the stand alone PS elements?  Thanks


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