Why can't I do this with my GH3?

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Re: Why can't I do this with my GH3?

john isaacs wrote:

Kawika Nui wrote:

john isaacs wrote:

This photo does not look like it was taken "hours before dawn". An ISO100, 1/13sec f3.2 shot has got a lot of light. Look at the clouds, they're getting sunlight. The sky is pink. Looks to me like the sun's about to come up.

Thanks for sharing. Luckily, your opinion is just...your opinion.

That's a pretty snotty response.

Appropriate to your snarky comment. "Look at the clouds, they're getting sunlight." Sure sounds like you're calling me a liar. And you are totally wrong. I got up at 3:30 in the morning to catch the moon and went around in near darkness looking for good shots. You weren't there but you presume to tell me that the clouds were getting sunlight, and the sun was about to come up, or was already up.

I'm going to give it one more shot. I think most on this forum will agree with this:

First, where was this taken?

There is too much light in this photo for a strictly moonlit shot. The GMT on this shot is 6:41 am, which is 2:41am EST or 11:41pm PST. All times that are too dark for this kind of shot. And all times at which the full moon is not so near the horizon.

So your camera time was not set correctly.

So what?

As to location, the lighting looks like dawn, which puts the sun coming up from behind, so this looks like it was taken on the West Coast in PST time.

Wrong again. I was in the middle of the Pacific.

Again, definitely not 11:41pm.

You are the one who introduced 11:41PM into the discussion, not I.

And this post of yours is replete with the type of incorrect and arrogantly expressed assertions about what it "looks" like, or what you think, or what you have deduced in an effort to prove who knows what, that are very offensive.

BTW, why don't you apply your analytical skills to answering the questions posed by the other image: "if it's daytime why are the streetlights on, and why does the boat on the horizon have its lights on, and how could the lights of the boat be visible in daylight?"

Second, if you want to replicate this kind of shot; try it when the lighting is at this level.

This has been suggested by others, and by me, and I've said several times that this is what I intend to do.

And finally, you're asking for help. At least act like you appreciate it.

I do appreciate help, and I have expressed my appreciation to those who gave it. The main thing you have done, on the contrary, is imply that I'm a liar or similar, and make wild and incorrect assertions about the image, including the one about it being shot on the West Coast.

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