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Re: CPL pros & cons

always a useful tool.

last time i used it was to take a picture of a cat in a drug store window...  fat cat and needed CPL to cut the reflections.  or a really big shade!

they can help wet streets look darker.  stuff like that...
so can software

the 'highlight' tool of the new generations of software is amazing, though.  i have a polished wood lamb carving on a church pew.  I was sad i had not thought to take some tissue to hold over the lamb to block highlights that were a bit hot... a polarizer may have helped here but i think i would have gone with the tissue (had i thought about it) because churches are dark.

well, the highlight tool cut back a lot of glare.  there really was useful, nice looking wood underneath..?!  not as nice as the tissue would have been but much, much better than previous generation 'highlight' tool.

[i was able to use a tripod but exposure was long enough]

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