2 more D810 images for critique

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Re: 2 more D810 images for critique

chuxter wrote:

Bene Placito wrote:

I'm having trouble post processing D810 images, apparently. I'm not used to using CS6 for processing RAW but now that Capture NX2 is no longer usable, I guess I'm stuck with it. I tried the new NX-D (dreadful) and Lightroom 5.6, which I did not like one little bit.

Although, I didn't use LR 5.6 in my edit below, it is the future of PS. Get used to it!

I've purposely left these two looking under-exposed and not bothered with much else apart from sharpening at amount 60, radius .5, detail 35 and masking 30.

The should be viewed at original resolution.

I didn't like the composition "one little bit". IMO, the big rox are not the subject. If there was only ONE rock, then it could be the subject, but a big jumble of rox not so much. IMO, the subject is the farm house & silo in the background, but it is both OoF and too cenered. I don't have access to the scene, so can't say for sure if my "crop" would work, but it should give you a different way of looking at the scene:

I also lightened the shadows and added a bit of contrast.

Thank you for your comments.

I did the same to the rock photo as you did (in another forum) and got told I over exposed the shot. Can't win here.

Won't be posting any more pictures. I'll leave that to the experts.

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