2 more D810 images for critique

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Re: 2 more D810 images for critique

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

These are not pleasant to look at on the peep owing to oversharpening. There is a fair amount of noise as well, brought on by said sharpening of which the D810 should be completely free at ISO 100. The pixels are starting to clump and distort. Sharpening a camera with no AA filter is a whole different ball game and requires a light hand. The detail is all there, you just have to stay out of its way.

Adobe Standard is bad, Camera Standard is much better. I would add red saturation plus 10 to bring out the reds, lowering contrast minus 10 and raising shadows plus 10, then save as a preset, subject to further tweaking when Adobe brings out the final ACR for the D810. Don't forget to remove chromatic aberration and activate the lens profile.

There is much yet to be explored, but as a preliminary effort, I would leave the LR5 defaults alone at 25 1 and 0.

A run through CC high pass at radius 1, opacity 35% gives a nice relaxed rendition with natural looking detail. Using a b&w area with lots of detail gives a clearer look at what is happening. Click layers on and off and vary opacity until you get a mostly artifact and ghost free result.

Back in LR5, I would give the sharpening a little nudge at 15 to give the pic a touch more definition.

thank yo Reilly

Thank you for your explanations. I had NX2 down to a fine art using High Pass and the USM as needed but, of course, there is no High Pass with NXD.

I've tried LR5 and found it to be an absolute kludge of a thing. It's a pity Adobe haven't allowed ACR in LR to work exactly like it does in PS CS6.

I might simply shoot jpg for now and wait until Nikon comes up with something more useable than that NX-D thingie.


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