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Re: CPL pros & cons

I tend to not use CPL very much.
I have the same filter as you do.

I may use it to help with reflections in water or glass.
I understand they can help with 'shiny leaf' look... tone that down.

But it is easy to darken blues in sky with little masking.
Depends on the software you have.
It is also possible to help some glare with software...
Shiny surfaces some and things like that.

So, I always carry my polarizer. There are still things it can do that are hard on the computer. I just don't use it as much as I used to...

Depends on if you prefer all 'in camera' or are more comfortable doing software stuff...

+ for your pictures, it would be easy for me to select either the greens or the yellows or whichever and lighten or darken independently.

for the picture with the sky, if you want the gray sky a little darker, i would darken the whole picture and then pick greens and lighten them back and then pick yellow to lighten as well...

and to do this without masking. Capture One makes this easy to do with color. LR may as well, i don't know.

i mention this at all because you asked about the subject standing out from the sky.. it could be done in reverse to lighten the entire image (for the lighter sky) and then darken the green/yellow...

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