Why can't I do this with my GH3?

Started Aug 30, 2014 | Questions thread
OP Kawika Nui Contributing Member • Posts: 673
Re: Why can't I do this with my GH3?

Found one more SX100 example stashed away in an external backup drive.

For the skeptic who though I was faking or lying about the other picture, if it's daytime why are the streetlights on, and why does the boat on the horizon have its lights on, and how could the lights of the boat be visible in daylight?

The basic issue--as per my original questions--is that I was able to take this picture easily with an older, 8mp P&S set to "P." And so far I can't replicate this with the GH3.

The other facts are that in fairness to the GH3 (as other posters have pointed out) these images were taken with benefit of lots more illumination (full moon, reflections, etc.). Therefore I shall attempt to replicate the conditions as closely as possible the next time there is a full moon with no fog, well before dawn. (Provided I can drag myself down to the ocean at that hour.)

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