Why can't I do this with my GH3?

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Re: Why can't I do this with my GH3?

Chez Wimpy wrote:

Kawika Nui wrote:

john isaacs wrote:

This photo does not look like it was taken "hours before dawn". An ISO100, 1/13sec f3.2 shot has got a lot of light. Look at the clouds, they're getting sunlight. The sky is pink. Looks to me like the sun's about to come up.

Thanks for sharing. Luckily, your opinion is just...your opinion.

"Looks to me like" phrasing might indicate an opinion, but your P&S exposure was for roughly 7 EV which means there was sunlight filtering through to light the scene. That is a fact,

Gee, I didn't realize you were there.  I certainly didn't see you.  Of course, it wasn't light yet.

because the full moon by itself gives only about -2 EV.

Nothing worse than pseudo-science as the basis for explanation.  "The full moon by itself" is meaningless in the context of this photo (and many others).  Why?  Because the full moon is in a context that includes reflections from water (and other surfaces) and diffusion/diffraction/interference from clouds, fog, haze, dust, smoke, spray and humidity.

When the sun goes down, I just put the camera in M-mode and keep adjusting the settings until something sticks.

I tend to prefer M myself, but the fact (a real fact) is that I put the P&S on P (which was really automatic) and let it do its thing.  I was amazed at the ability to "see" scenes, both on the LCD and in the final images.  But of course you would prefer to believe that I was doing some kind of day-for-night stuff.  Insulting nonsense.

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