Best price methodology for Olympus lenses

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Best price methodology for Olympus lenses

Just purchased a refurbished M10 with the 14-42 II R lens from GetOlympus for a dirt cheap price given the additional 15% summer discount that just expired.  No dings or scratches with only 110 shutter actuations.. I am thrilled... so far...

I am a Nikon guy with both DX and FX bodies and lenses but was looking for street rig that "may" be good enough for the landscape work that I do while hiking in the western mountains. My plan is to acquire the following: 25mm 1.8,  17mm 1.8,  12mm 2.0, and probably the 45mm 1.8  (in this order).  The Panasonic 20mm is also on the list.  I am turned off just slightly by the two issues discussed; Slow focus and banding.  Neither of which give me concern... just pause..

So...  I am interested in knowing the best way to cheaply acquire these lenses.  I am generally not a Craigslist/ebay/KEH type of buyer.  I am a local store/NY big online camera store/GetOly refurbished type buyer.  My local dealer has few used lenses.. they are also not on a discount rate to new that I like.  For example, I would likely not purchase a used 17mm or 25mm for over $300USD. Craiglist doesn't have many of these lenses for sale in TX.

So, here are the questions

1)  What  is the frequency of GetOlympus discounts like the "summer15" 15%.  I looked at 43rumors and the last discount seemed to be in May which suggests a ~6month frequency.  So, can I expect a 15%-20% for Christmas purchases?

2) Has your experience been good for refurbished lenses?  Searches suggest that satisfied refurbished purchasers represent ~70% with 30% unhappy purchasers.

3) I got to the refurbished + 15% lenses late at GetOly and they were gone.  What are the chances that I can get the 25mm and/or 17mm with the ~20% refurbished discount AND the 15-20% sale discount.

4) is it correct to assume that on GetOly, a greyed out "Add to Cart" radio button is indicative that they do not have one in stock? ( current status of the 25mm refurbished lens)

5) Currently, I can get a new 25mm 50 bucks off list at one of the NY online camera stores for ~$350USD.  At GetOly, they list a refurb for $320USD + TX sales tax of 8.25%.  Basically the same price. I guess this isn't a question but a statement that I would likely get the new one at the camera store.. but I hesitate since I have the 14-4mm and will shoot this lens stopped down until I have enough knowledge of my favorite street focal length.  My guess is after looking at my Nikon archives that I am more of a 50mm FF guy than a 35mm FF guy.

5) are these way to purchase new or refurbs that I am missing?

Sorry for being long winded...  I am from Texas though....


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