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Re: Budget macro recommendation

Pretty much ANY macro lens that fits your camera will be fine for macro work.   They are all sharp, at least at close ranges.   Non-Nikon lenses too.

A few years back, everyone was talking up the Tamron 90mm macro as a 'poor man's 105vr'  (without VR).

Autofocus and VR mean little to nothing for macro work.   But focal length does.

The short focal lengths are cheaper, but you have incredibly small working distance at 1:1 magnification.  (And some macro lenses only go to 1:2 magnification, by the way).    60mm macro lens?   Put the subject an inch away from the lens?   Can be hard to light the subject with no room between subject and lens.    Not to mention scaring bugs, or risking bites from some subjects.

The 90-105mm length is kind of a useful minimum/compromise in price and convenience.  A few inches of working room allows for flash to be used without throwing a lens shadow on the subject and without having to side-light it completely.

Longer than 105mm tends to have a tripod mount (more convenience).  True macro work benefits hugely from a tripod (and macro rail).

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