Is digital photography too easy?

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Re: Is digital photography too easy?

Joris1632 wrote:

I recently came across this Ansel Adams quote; -

Any thoughts?

I have some sympathy with the above viewpoint. Of course there are some that are just born with amazing talent but even those will generally still have to work at it to fully realise that talent, be it in sport, music, driving or even photography.

There is no doubt that modern digital equipment can flatter those with very little talent, or application. For example if you go back to pre-AF times many photographers were thrilled to produce the majority of their shots in focus and for certain subjects (sports being one example) real skill was required. Now of course if a shot is out of focus the attitude tends to be that the camera doesn't have enough focus points, or MFA must be out.

And then of course there are those who actually just like cameras because they are expensive and satisfying toys. What they do is almost incidental and in many cases the only shots they will ever take are a few test shots of brick walls, ducks in the park or the pet cat. Now that's fine, and the manufacturers of these expensive cameras certainly don't mind, as long as we don't confuse camera acquisition with photography.

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