Cinematic video colors with the RX100 Mk3?

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Eugenia LoliQueru
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Cinematic video colors with the RX100 Mk3?

Hey guys,

I haven't been in these forums for a long time, but the release of the Sony RX100 Mk3 has re-surfaced my love for videography. I'm into tweaked-out video with point & shoots rather than dSLRs or camcorders (a serious hobby of mine, I've shot some official music videos with such little cameras too!), so the RX100 Mk3 totally fits that bill and has peaked my interest!

So, by reading the various Sony PDFs, and checking a number of videos online, I got most of my questions answered, except one: how the image changes when someone shoots "flat" color video. I went high and low on Youtube and Vimeo, but no one there has shot such a video in flat color settings (which enable the cinematic look, and better color grading in post processing). I'd like to see such a sample before I purchase the camera. Is there a kind-enough soul around here that could help me out in this quest?

What I'd need is this:

1. Pick a colorful subject, under good lighting conditions (e.g. a blooming plant near a window, or outdoors). Set the camera on tripod if possible.

2. Set the camera to movie mode, 1080/24p (or 25p) at 50 mbps. Focus on the subject and lock focus.

3. Shoot a 5 second video.

4. Now change the Creative Style to "Neutral" (instead of the default "Standard"), and while in Neutral, minimize completely all three: saturation, contrast, and sharpness.

5. Shoot another 5 seconds of video with these color settings.

6. Bring both clips on the video editor. Set up the right project properties at 1080/24p (or 25p), progressive (otherwise, some video editors create ghosting if the project properties don't match the footage).

7. Grab a PNG image of each two clips (one in standard colors, and one in neutral-flat colors), in 1080p if your editor allows that (Sony Vegas can, for example).

8. Post both PNGs here please!

And one last question: is the 24p recording of the camera at 24.00 fps, or 23.976 fps? The manual doesn't say so!

Thank you so much!

Sony RX100
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