FZ1000 in on Wed-Move to primary Cam for wedding today

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Re: FZ1000 in on Wed-Move to primary Cam for wedding today

Long and relatively hot, outdoor wedding. And yes, the battery died at an inappropriate time and in the future I will change batteries before putting it on a tripod. Lets say I managed to change it "just in time".

Perhaps and probably it is covered in the manual but white balance is really sensitive in the camera and if there is an auto white balance I couldn't find it. Under conditions where my Nikon SLR's gave perfect auto white balance the FZ1000 went from orange yellow to totally blue when moving from the make up area with flourescent and tungsten light to window lit subjects. I was able to adjust the blue using the WB button but good grief, I'm sure there must be an auto white balance but I have not found it yet.

With the way the view finder works, that is you see the color balance and the exposure level before you actually shoot the frame, I'm not so sure I need RAW. Fortunately most of the wedding was in she shade and again, white balance had to be tweaked a lot but other than that it went well. I have not had the chance to review the video footage and will look at that tomorrow. The still frames, about 500 shots in the FZ1000, all look very good.  Accurate focus, very few missed focus shots, exposure was right on every time and framing is very easy with the camera.

Was there ever a wedding where a perfectly exposed 36MP image was needed by the bride and groom. I doubt it, and the level of detail and crispness in the FZ1000 is all I need to shoot weddings. In fact way back when, I shot a wedding holding a Fujifilm S1 Pro with a 3MP sensor and a Mamiya 645 Film camera and I literally took two shots of each scene or subject, one with each camera. At the time I thought the digital Fuji camera was a cute toy and not really a camera but I followed through and had the shots from the Fuji made into 8x10's along with the shots from the 645 Mamiya. All the 8x10's were given to the bride and groom and no mention of which camera was used for which shot was made. The result was that the couple liked the digital files better. The same thing happened on the next wedding and again on the third wedding. I bought another Fujifilm S1 Pro and have not looked back. The moral of the story though is that the files from the FZ1000 are a lottttt better than what the Fuji S1 could delver. In other words I do not believe I will need RAW files for weddings with this camera.

Oh and one more issue, again maybe the manual, which I have not even skimmed yet, will help. The fast frame rep rate is not much good if I cannot get a flash to synch with the shutter flashes. Does Panasonic even make a hot shoe TTL flash unit?

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