Nikon Coolscan scanner Ghosting

Started Aug 30, 2014 | Questions thread
bronxbombers4 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,387
examples Coolscan V vs Coolscan 9000 ED:

Many scanners suffer from some of that halation at extreme contrast borders.

We had a Coolscan V and it had some of that, but it had it and most do. Then got the Coolscan 9000 ED which used diffused side lighting and it has none of that sort of issue at all, it also doesn't overemphasize emulsion bubbles and grain nearly so much either.

See here is with Coolscan V (direct lighting):

And then with the advanced diffused lighting of the 9000 ED:

And emulsion bubbles/grain differences first V:

with the 9000:

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