What is the maximum weight that a6000 mount can handle without support?

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Bruce Oudekerk
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Re: And you'd admit this publicly?

Rich Gibson wrote:

Bruce Oudekerk wrote:

I was doing testing with a borrowed a6000 and was adapting some of my non e-mount lenses to it. I tried some old Canon FD lenses. At only 440 grams with my FD 200mm f4.0. There was significant camera flex when using my tripod and ball head. ... I suspect mostly around the tripod mount but that's still disquieting to me.


I'd bet it would be REALLY disquieting to the owner who loaned it to you. If it were me, you'd have just bought a heavily USED A6000 and paid the pre-damage price for it.


My post was meant to be a warning to others.

***The 440 gr Canon FD 200mm is a very, very light 200 mm prime... 30 gr LIGHTER than the Sony e-mount 18-105 G that is designed for this camera.*** That should be food for thought and that is why I am concerned and posted this. For all I know, all the e-mount cameras do this, which is more than a little scary to me. The 18-105 must produce similar flex but given the modest reach, the deflection wouldn't be as obvious.

The Sony 70-300G is 800 gr and was bought specifically for its modest weight for a FF lens of that range. I never actually took pics with it on the a6000; just carefully mounted it via passive adaptor...I saw the deflection and removed it. That deflection was not striking terror into my heart but it is MUCH more than with my a850 and the same support rig. And that weight is certainly nothing like the 70-400G which is used with the a6000...admittedly not off the camera mount. I would be worried about cradling a heavy lens, forgetting and holding it only by the camera. Again... forewarned is forearmed.

The a6000 has a metal frame and metal mount, It should be able to support modest weight. And I would think that the camera should be able to support 800 gr 'in a pinch' but clearly shouldn't. With this experience I wouldn't even tripod the 18-105 on it and it definitely should be fine with that lens...absolutely and positively. That's why that e-mount lens doesn't have a tripod mount. Its bulky but relatively light and I'm positive it must be done frequently....but maybe it shouldn't.

Given that the camera is fine...you can stop being indignant and its a good thing you weren't the owner...errrrrrr...former owner.

So what is your rule of thumb for unsupported lens weight? Weight of camera body or less? Because we are back to OP's main question of what is the max unsupported weight of lens.



FWIW the Sony E-mount PZ 18-200mm  f3.5-6.3 OSS weighs 650 gr,  which is in the ball park of the 70-300G ... although admittedly has less moment and doesn't require an adapter.

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