Why can't I do this with my GH3?

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Re: Why can't I do this with my GH3?

alcelc wrote:

Kawika Nui wrote:

First, thanks to all the members who have given great answers to my other questions.

I have done a lot of stills and video with my GH3 since I got it last year (I notice that the price has dropped by a couple of hundred dollars ;-( ) and recently wanted to get into night photography, using moonlight.

A few years ago I was fooling around shooting at night with a Canon Powershot Sx100 (8mp P&S) and took this hand-held shot (it was cropped and resized in PSE, but all the detail and color and lighting were already there--looks like a "day for night" shot" when in fact it was hours before dawn):

No matter what I try, I can't do as well with the GH3. I've tried Manual (my preferred) mode, A, iA, P, even some "night scene" modes (my first-ever use of the various special scene modes). Nothing comes close to the results from an 8mp P&S set to "P."

What could be the problem?


Before all, may I confirm that your SX100 image was really taken in the sunset?

I didn't say sunset, I said hours before dawn.  About 4AM.

As per the exif, it was taken at 06:41am.

You may have noticed that was 0641 GMT; I was nowhere near England at the time.

As others said, the lighting condition would be very difference among the 2 sets of images. As from SX100, 1/13" at f/3.2 and ISO100(can't confirmed?) vs 1.3" at f/4.0 and ISO800. If all of them were shot at a proper exposure, the one from SX100 must be shot in a much brighter condition (more available light) than those shot by GH3. From the later image from GH3, it was heavily under exposed.

The first one, if you could see more detail at that time, should better be shot on a tripod using much longer shutter speed. In fact the very lovely WYSIWYG live preview feature of panny could allow you to see the lighting condition of your scene before shooting. Use +/- ev you could see the exact setting you would require to have the amount of background detail you wanted to reveal. Under M mode, you have to active the Constant Preview (have to assign the function to a fn key to activate it) for similar effect. For M43, at least Panny's cameras, we could see the real time change in lighting condition upon +/- ev before shooting.

The second one would be a surprise. Noise level of GH3 at ISO800, if proper exposed, should not be that bad (looking like a ISO1600 shooting from my wife's 1/2.33" sensor old superzoom).

You are absolutely right, and that's why I wanted to get some help to figure out why it was so bad.  Luckily, at least one other poster has given some very good insights on how to try to remedy the problem.  Now all I need is a night with no fog.  And I'll have to wait longer for the moon to get in position.  There will be a bit more light this time (about 10%) as the moon is waxing.

It was even more worse than ISO800 of the outdated sensor of my GF3. Again, at correct exposure, by the WYSIWYG preview's help, should be able to set the right exposure setting and improve it a lot.

For more fair comparison, you should take a shot with SX100, then use same setting to shot again by the GH3 (in M mode, for your sort of shooting better using Multiple Metering, and set e.g. ISO, shutter speed and aperture to match with SX100 to see the actual difference.

That would be the ideal thing in the best of all possible worlds, but since I sold the P&S a couple of years ago it will not be possible.

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