Why can't I do this with my GH3?

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Re: Why can't I do this with my GH3?

john isaacs wrote:

Kawika Nui wrote:

First, thanks to all the members who have given great answers to my other questions.

I have done a lot of stills and video with my GH3 since I got it last year (I notice that the price has dropped by a couple of hundred dollars ;-( ) and recently wanted to get into night photography, using moonlight.

A few years ago I was fooling around shooting at night with a Canon Powershot Sx100 (8mp P&S) and took this hand-held shot (it was cropped and resized in PSE, but all the detail and color and lighting were already there--looks like a "day for night" shot" when in fact it was hours before dawn):

No matter what I try, I can't do as well with the GH3. I've tried Manual (my preferred) mode, A, iA, P, even some "night scene" modes (my first-ever use of the various special scene modes). Nothing comes close to the results from an 8mp P&S set to "P."

What could be the problem?

This photo does not look like it was taken "hours before dawn". An ISO100, 1/13sec f3.2 shot has got a lot of light. Look at the clouds, they're getting sunlight. The sky is pink. Looks to me like the sun's about to come up.

Thanks for sharing.  Luckily, your opinion is just...your opinion.

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