Privacy - drones vs mass spying

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Privacy - drones vs mass spying

I remember reading the Edward Snowden leaks about how the NSA and other government agencies in other countries are spying on everyone. They're spying on your pc activity and you cell phone activity. Also we have corporations that are now trying to collect as much personal information about people as they can. People for the most part didn't really care very much..... well they didn't do anything about this. I.e. protest, boycotts, etc.

In fact many people would say "If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear."

Others would say that they were ok with giving up their privacy so the governments could catch criminals and terrorists.

Personally I find these comment absolutely moronic and extremely shortsighted by individuals who say that. But I'm not interested in debating that.

Anyway, now I've been reading news articles about drones and people seem to be very angry and concerned about this. Much more so than the mass spying and harvesting of your personal information via online activity.

I've read how people want to shoot down the drones or throw things at them, beat up the drone owners and various other violent acts.

It's interesting how the idea of a persons picture being taken by a drone can get people so angry and ready to violently defend privacy but having your a large amount of personal information collected by corporations and having your pc activity and cell phone activity spied on by governments doesn't conjure up the same anger and rage.

Perhaps the saying "out of sight, out of mind" is true in this instance. People see a drone, they get mad. People don't see their online activities being tracked so they don't think about it.

Well this is just something odd that I've noticed.

And yes some people were then and still are angry about the mass spying. But it just seems that the majority of the public didn't really care.

If anyone agrees that people seem more bothered about drones than mass spying then feel free to share why you think that is.

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