16-35 F4 IS, Vs 2.8II, Vs 24-70 2.8 II, with images for download

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16-35 F4 IS, Vs 2.8II, Vs 24-70 2.8 II, with images for download

I have done this test for myself. this may or may not be useful too you, but I though I would provide it to you.
the FL tested were 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 35. tested at full stops from 2.8 to f11 when applicable.

Canon 5d Mrk III, RRS L plate, Gitzo tripod, markins ball head, used both the ball head level, as well the built in camera level.
Focus achieved using live view 10x focus, remote release. IS off when applicable. I only focused once for each focal length on each lens and turned focus off after. All images imported in to LR, in neutral profile, standard 25 1 sharpening. only correcting was I reduced CA by clicking reduce ca, and sliding purple firnge slider to 2. did not correct distortion.
Jpeg eport to full size 90% compression, standard screen sharpening.
there are 70 files in total.

Conclusions. 16-35f4 vs 2.8II. F4 has a fair bit more vignetting, which mostly goes away by f5.6 and f8, has much less ca.
At 18, and 21mm, by f8, they are very similar, with slight edge to f4 lens. At all other focal lengths, 16-35 f4 wins by various margins which is visible even at f11. It is not just the corners as I have said, as 16-35II turns in a good performance at f11 in the corners. it is sides a lot of times, or 2/3 of the way out.

VS 24-70II. the 24-70 is ridiculous at 24. however, at f8, not enough so for me to switch lenses.
At 35mm, f5.6, I cant tell them apart.
In short, I am very happy with this lens from 16 all the way to 35 for landscape use.
Best way is to unzip and import in to LR to compare. that way you can sort by exif (focal lenght/lens/fstop)

Here is the Dropbox link
Link to all images

If you download the images, and find it useful. post a response please.

link to all images


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