Is digital photography too easy?

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Re: Is digital photography too easy?

samfan wrote:

Maybe if Ansel had to haul all his LF gear himself instead of his assistants, he'd think differently

Just elitist talk.


I have an Ansel Adams poster sized print hanging in my home but only because I like the photo and the price for the large print was far more reasonable than what you see people selling their prints for today.

I don't look at Instagram or blurry grainy Facebook posts. Nobody has to look at what they don't like. If you feel like your eyes only deserve the best of the best, you can pick to see just those. Just don't forget that all those amazing craft photographers had to start somewhere, maybe with the crappiest digital camera, a phone or a disposable film camera. Just like the best painters probably started with some easy doodling.

I think many photographers of today are producing far better work than Ansel Adams did, and I'm not just talking about the technical quality of the images. The teacher has been surpassed by the students and the bystanders. If I were him I would be happy about that.

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