Is digital photography too easy?

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Re: medium and finished product are not the same thing

yardcoyote wrote:

Making a good etching is easier than making a good watercolor too. Watercolor is a brutal and unforgiving medium and anyone who can make a really strong, striking image with it is some kind of art hero. Seriously.

That said, selection of subject matter, composition and the use of color are selection of subject matter, composition and the use of color regardless of medium used. Some media are easier to learn to use effectively than others, and photography is probably on the easy side, compared to watercolor anyway. But making a truly piece of visual art on flat plane represents a particular set of challenges that are the same across media.

Some media are better than others at certain tasks. Anyone who has ever taken even a basic drafting class would probably prefer photography to pencil drawing for capturing an architectural detail. But if I want to create an image of a dragon having an intense conversation with a dog, I would much rather tackle that with a piece of drawing paper and a fountain pen than a camera. (I could do it with the camera, with or without recourse to "faking it" in software, but the drawing will be a lot faster, and probably do the job better.)

Taking a well exposed photograph is probably not that hard to do. Taking a well exposed photograph that is beautiful and moving is much harder.

What exactly in my comments are you responding to?

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