Do you think I'm a Good Dog?

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Do you think I'm a Good Dog?

Hi! It’s Joy here again.

My Dad calls my big brother, Chase, a Good Dog all the time. He doesn’t say that to me and I’m nine weeks old already – almost a Big Dog. I want to be a Good Dog like Chase.

I can’t be around other dogs yet due to parvo risk, but I take lots of rides in the old rattletrap Jeep. I am starting to enjoy these rides just like a Good Dog. I’m still too short to see out of the windows unless I stand up, so I get bored sometimes and then there can be small mishaps.

We went to the campground where my Dad keeps our big motorhome. I think my Dad goes there to hide and to take naps – he’s very, very old, you see. My Dad told Chase and me to “stay” at the top of the motorhome steps, so I did. Good Dogs do this.

My Dad took a nap in the motorhome, so I did, too.

Several times per day, Chase and I get to run on our trails, fields and meadows. I really like this and am learning to “come” quite well. I’m also doing pretty well learning to walk on a leash like a Good Dog. I am supposed to be learning about being tied out in the yard for short periods. No way! I HATE that!!

My Dad shoots a .22 pistol over my head all the time. I‘m not scared at all. Tomorrow he says he will shoot a .410 shotgun. I think I will be OK with that. He says Good Dogs don’t run all the way back home when a loud gun is fired right over them, so I’m learning about that.

Good Dogs never, ever, ever go in the house. Sometimes I get excited and forget. Well, OK, I forget a LOT. I must work on this to be a Good Dog.

I went swimming over my head for the first time today. I was a little scared and my nose got dunked a few times, but when my Dad called for me to “come”, I swam all the way across the cold, fast flowing creek to him. Good Dogs are also good swimmers.

Well, all of this riding and running and learning and playing and eating and pooping and swimming and stuff has me tired out again, so it’s time for another nap in my Dad’s office. Bye.

Do you think I’m a Good Dog like Chase?

Your Friend,


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