Why returned sony A7r for Oly em1?

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Re: About what I saw...

TrapperJohn wrote:

When I went by my local camera store to pick up an EM1, I took some time, actually a couple of hours, to try out the latest and greatest they had on display, including a Sony A7.

There were things to like about the A7, but it felt about half finished, as if it was rushed to market. Handling is... okay, sort of different. Shutter is loud, very loud. No IS. AF was a bit dodgy, and not particularly quick. Glass selection is weak, and so far Sony hasn't been able to build FF glass for the A7, or the Alpha FF line. There is a lot of promise in the concept of a multiaspect sensor, but it won't be fully realized with this iteration.

In contrast, the EM1 sits very nicely in the hand. Thumbwheels are right where they should be. A couple of programmable buttons that can be used to activate sets, three if you count the video button that I wouldn't normally use anyway.

If you reprogram the video button, could you use the shutter button to shoot video if the situation suddenly arose?

The lenses are small, very sharp, and AF very fast. The VF works with you, in a variety of ways.

So I'd have to agree... whatever small amount of IQ I didn't get, what I did get was a finished, polished package, with a very good and growing line of native, fast AF'ing, very compact lenses.

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