Nikon Coolscan scanner Ghosting

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Re: Nikon Coolscan scanner Ghosting

Doss wrote:

I find it a bit hard to accept this is the norm for what are considered 'good' scanners.

Did the scanning service you used have anything to say about it?

they didn't really comment on the problem but said I could send the slides again for a new (free) scan. Did not try that because there were other problems and it was a foreign company (risk that the slides are lost in transit). Many slides were way too dark which is a problem when you have only jpegs - which I used for most scans because of storage requirements. And many slides were rotated several degrees, so all in all it didn't make a very good impression (of course, the first test scans they did for me were very good ...).

I don't think it is the norm either, but it seems to be a common problem (have heard about it from others).

I learned it is better to scan yourself, but only the slides that you really need in best quality. I'm now using a 'slide copy' setup for scanning (very fast), which is good enough for most of my needs and in some ways better than the professional scanning service...

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