Nikon Coolscan scanner Ghosting

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Re: Nikon Coolscan scanner Ghosting

technic wrote:

Doss wrote:

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can explain the ghosting I'm seeing on scanned images.

The ghosting is most visible where high contrasts meet. eg in below image clearly visible along man's right knee and girl's left shoulder. However, I think it appears to affect overall sharpness across the whole image. It is also often visible along the edges of the frame

can't help you but it looks similar to the ghosting in my images from high contrast slides that were scanned with a Coolpix 5000 by a scanning service (only those were worse, in your image I have to boost the curves to see the ghosting but in my images it was often very obvious in the basic image). The effect is strongly reduced local contrast - which lowers apparent sharpness but I don't think the detail itself was worse.

I haven't seen this problem with images I scanned myself over the years with several different Canon and Minolta slide scanners, or the Kodak PhotoCD service. Maybe it's a Coolscan issue (design or maintenance problem?).

Thanks for your time.

I previously had a Canoscan, so re-scanned some slides to see the ghosting evident with the Nikon which weren't with the Canon.

I find it a bit hard to accept this is the norm for what are considered 'good' scanners.

Did the scanning service you used have anything to say about it?

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