Is digital photography too easy?

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Re: Is digital photography too easy?

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I recently came across this Ansel Adams quote; -

Any thoughts?

Very interesting quote.

The creative process involved in GOOD photography is not akin to painting. You need to be in "the zone" to do it. Focused, (no pun intended), in tune with your craft. I have been an avid artist, watercolorist and oil painter in the past.

The creative process involved with artistic photography now is split into two part; the actual taking of the photograph and the post processing to achieve the "polished" result.

For both phases, to produce a good result, one needs to be in the right frame of mind, and the final result may be rubbish anyway, like with painting, lol.

The interesting thing about the quote is that he is inferring that the masses possibly do not rise above the mediocrity of "snapping", and explore artistic areas of creativity with photography simply because of its simplicity. And with this I agree. I think the 100's of paintings I produced even if many years ago, have helped me move further into a searching mentality of creativity, exciting me to try new ideas and compositions and techniques.

Now we are in the Iphone camera generation, I fear this will not improve soon.

The "iPhone camera" only affects the technical side of photography. It does not affect the artistic side.

yes but the point is that the very fact of the ease with which we take images can defer the photographer from exploring artistic boundaries, or putting much thought into the imagery itself. As a former painter I can appreciate this utterly. I would spend ages just prevaricating over the composition and subject matter before taking the plunge and starting to paint, as the act of painting itself, whilst enjoyable was a time consuming and uncertain process, so the artistic merits of the scene played a very important factor in the the whole process.

Very intersting!

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