I need a Reference for a Sensor MTF Formula :-(

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Eric Fossum
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Re: I need a Reference for a Sensor MTF Formula :-(

I think it is terrific that you are learning about sensors by exploring the MTF based on the sampling functions.

I will say that for the most part (great majority part), sensors are measured for MTF, not modelled based on design.  That is, the stuff that really matters (effect of microlenses, metallization, cross talk, etc) is really too complicated to predict accurately.  Models are good for giving guidance on gross feature engineering.  Usually the final product design is by trial and error - that is adjustment of fine detail.  That way you know for sure how well a particular combination works and "de-risk" the product design. Usually these trials are done in a massively parallel way by multi-array designs and wafer splits so the cost and timeline is contained.

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