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Re: This is the most recent and most accurate spec

Matt wrote:

Bananasplit wrote:

The new Canon will have a new sensor with improved implementation of dual-pixel AF. This will still show the big amount and banding noise famous among Canon shooters, and dual-iso ML lovers.

For most applications, outside video, the user risk confusion with previous models, therefore the "K": it will be called "Kanon".

Whatever sensor Canon puts in the 7DII will take pictures that are just fine. This is also regardless of its dynamic range and especially if it doesnt have 85 stops of sensitivity that nobody (except 3 people) needed in the first place

If it is to take pictures that are just fine, then there are already enough cameras around. If it is to have a lower acceptable amount of noise to see clean pictures at 100% then there is more effort needed from Canon. Unfortunately, it is obvious that you do not know what you are talking about.

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