An overwhelming reason to move back to Film...

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Re: An overwhelming reason to move back to Film...

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Glenn NK wrote:

Tim Tucker wrote: more equivalence arguments. Please, let's get back to some useful stuff.

While I agree about the pointless arguments on this forum (and other forums to some extent), the best solution to the "dumass" threads is to not take part in them.

If I was to give you any advice, it would be to find other forums (LuLa, Fred Miranda, POTN, Naturescapes for starters) where there tends to be far less nonsense than there is here.

Even this thread has devolved into a quagmire of crap and name calling (ducking and running for more).

One has to also consider the target audience. Being a digital forum, one can expect some film bashing. Heck, I've had some people here saying their 2mp point and shoot beats 4x5 film simply because it is digital....another who claimed his 12mp dslr was more suited to 40x50 inch landscape print because it was digital and thus better than 4x5 film.

Considering your defensiveness towards anyone that criticizes film, I would say you are taking their comments out of context to try and characterize digital shooters in a negative light.

"Because it is digital." "Because it was digital?" Really?

All you can do is chuckle and move on.

You could, but you don't. You continue to make claims about film and digital that are simply not true. Then when someone presents detailed and reasonable reasons to counter what you say you then turn the debate into an argument about the messenger and not the message.

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