An overwhelming reason to move back to Film...

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Re: An overwhelming reason to move back to Film...

Glenn NK wrote:

I don't think the OP's reason for the thread was to debate about the relative merits of digital/film,

The kind of question in the title of the thread is inviting a debate. Debates are a normal part of what forums are about.

or even to suggest that film is better. Taking the opening line at face value is to misconstrue the intent of the thread.

In summary, spending time/effort dismissing the surficial meaning (film is better) misses the underlying point; that the type of trash talk (for want of a better term at the moment) frequently seen on DPR is at the point where some strong moderation is in order.

Instead of dismissing this site, all forum members, and entire threads, why don't you address particular responses and people engaging in the "trash talk" you speak of. That would be the logical thing to do, not what you are doing now.

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