Nikon Coolscan scanner Ghosting

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Nikon Coolscan scanner Ghosting

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can explain the ghosting I'm seeing on scanned images.

The ghosting is most visible where high contrasts meet. eg in below image clearly visible along man's right knee and girl's left shoulder. However, I think it appears to affect overall sharpness across the whole image. It is also often visible along the edges of the frame (despite film being mounted)



  • Scanner: Nikon Coolscan V ED
  • Settings: Full res tif scan, all adjustments switched off. No pp
  • Film: Kodachrome64

It is definitely 100% NOT the usual suspect: ie a misplaced/dirty mirror

I wonder if it could be internal light reflections inside the scanner?

This suspicion is elevated by the fact my scanner has no internal plate? Should it have? The below pictures show these on an LS-40 and a Coolscan 5000 (I can't find an image showing inside a Coolscan V)



Thanks in advance,


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