Is the Sony a6000 that best camera for me?

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Is the Sony a6000 that best camera for me?

My hobby is backpacking and my work requires shooting fashion models and products. Two years ago I bought two Sony RX100's (first generation) so that my girlfriend and I could both shoot on backpacking trips. My work with fashion models started less than a year ago. I started shooting the models outside or in locations, but then I set up a studio with lights, backdrops, etc. and the pictures are so much better. I considered buying a DSLR but the little RX100 takes great pictures when the lighting is good.

The girlfriend and I broke up and backpacking season is ending. I don't need the second RX100 so it's for sale on eBay. I'm trying to decide between these options:

- Buy a big camera for work and and keep the RX100 for backpacking.

- Sell both RX100's and buy an a6000.

- Keep the RX100, don't buy another camera, and buy more studio lights!

My complaints about the RX100:

- I want a viewfinder! I'm 52 and I need bifocals to see the screen. I can't see the screen in bright sunlight. And the screen is getting worn so it's harder to see.

- I love HDR mode but it takes 10 seconds per frame. That's too slow for shooting models. I switch to 10 fps continuous mode but then the pictures don't look as good as HDR mode. I'm hoping that a new camera will shoot HDR faster. My dream is a camera that brackets three exposures quickly, then saves the three exposures to memory, leaving the HDR processing for later (either in-camera or on my computer). The RX100 in exposure bracketing mode takes one exposure, saves to memory, takes the second exposure, saves to memory, then takes the third exposure and saves to memory. The three exposures are too far apart to do HDR without ghosting. My dream dream is a camera that brackets three exposures quickly and then saves them as RAW files!

- The 28-105mm range is good but sometimes I could use a wider or longer lens.

A full-frame camera such as the a7 takes beautiful pictures but I can't afford the price. Plus I wouldn't bring it backpacking. It's not just weight it's also convenience. I hike with trekking poles and my dog on leash and the RX100 fits in my front pocket and I can operate it with one hand. Sometimes I'm with a group that doesn't want to stop so I have to take pictures fast so I don't get too far behind. I never want to think, "Yeah, that view is beautiful but getting the camera out is too much trouble..." There's a lot going on while backpacking, someone is asking me to check the GPS, my dog needs a drink from the creek, a cloud is moving in front of the sun, the girlfriend is standing in just the right place now but will move in a few seconds. The RX100 is so easy to shoot with that we'd come home from a weekend hike with more than 400 pictures.

On Sony's website in the "outlet" section they have a refurbished a65 with a 18-135mm lens for $750. That sounded like a good price for a good camera and all the lens I need. But the a65 is three years old! It's probably slower than my RX100 in HDR mode.

The a6000 sounds like the best choice. I can afford it and two lenses (16-50mm and 55-210mm, $1300 total) if I sell both RX100s. Maybe next summer I'll buy a 10-18mm lens ($750!). It's small enough for backpacking, has a good viewfinder, and I hope that the processor can process HDR faster! Plus I see more forum discussions of the a6000 than any other topic.

Are there any other cameras I should look at?

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Sony a6000
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