How to carry E-M1 with HEAVY four-thirds lenses (STRAP)

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How to carry E-M1 with HEAVY four-thirds lenses (STRAP)

Sorry for the double post (also in Olympus forum). But this technical subject relates to E-M1 with FT lenses, so I thought I would maximize my chance of useful feedback.

Here is the thing.

Suppose I get an E-M1 to use my beloved FT lenses like the ZD35-100 and ZD150.

(I have tried the combo of E-M1 with MMF-3 adapter and am convinced that AF with FT lenses is now much better than with the E-M5; in fact I would call it not excellent but workable.)

How do you propose I would carry (with a shoulder strap) a combo of let's say E-M1 + MMF-3 adapter + EC-14 converter + ZD35-100mm lens.

I just don't see myself carrying such a combo attached to the strap lugs of the E-M1.

With my E-5 I have found a good solution that I feel totally secure with, to carry the heaviest combos I own:

* I use the HLD-6 grip

* I use an OpTech sliding strap over my shoulder

* the "female" quick releases that slide over the strap are attached to two "male" attachments that are (1) on the camera's left strap lug; (2) on the bottom of the grip.

Using that configuration, the strap runs in a diagonal over the camera's back when hanging down on my hip: the LCD faces upwards and the lens points directly down.

It is comfortable and well balanced, fast to bring to the eye, and minimizes risk of damage to the front element. If I want to shoot, I grab the camera (right side or grip) and just bring it to my eye.

However, if I would use such a set-up with E-M1, there are additional stress points that I worry about:

- the HLD-7 grip attaches only with the tripod screw (no part that slides into the battery compartment like with the HLD-6

- the lens is not attached directly to the camera lens mount, but there is always the MMF-3 inbetween.

Bringing the camera+lens from vertical dangling position to horizontal shooting position creates stress on those two weaker points than with the E-M5.

So I am looking for solutions on how to carry an E-M1 (with adapter) and heavy FT lenses.

Does anyone attach a strap to the lens' tripod mount? Is it balanced for carrying and comfortable in use (shooting position)?

Please share your experience and (if possible) photos.

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